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making travel more accessible for our students   

Honey Bucket is incredibly excited to announce the launch of the Student Travel Club right here in our beautiful city of Charleston, SC. The Student Travel Club is an after school program geared towards helping high school students travel and immerse themselves in the world.

What you learn in the classroom during high school is just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine all that textbook knowledge coming alive as you travel the world and explore new cultures. Honey Bucket’s Travel Club will not only help students learn about the world firsthand and look good on college applications, it will turn them into true citizens of the world.

High school is a time in every young adults life filled with transformation, and studying overseas can help them focus, think clearly about their future, and have time to develop their own sense of identity. Whether each student’s experience validates what they've always thought they wanted or opens up a completely new and unexpected path, they’re perspective on the world will never be the same again.

WHy a student travel club

A high schooler wanting to go overseas to experience the world means only one thing: growth. Time is of the essence, for high school students looking to learn new skills. We take the time to familiarize students with the local cultural customs, currency, and cost of living of the country where they'll be traveling. We teach the importance of packing, how to travel light and keep in mind the local weather at the time of the year you’re visiting, any cultural or religious customs they may need to respect, and the nature of the activities they'll participate in throughout the program.

What each Student will Gain

A destination is chosen at the beginning of each school year, students and teachers meet monthly to plan for the trip. Fundraising events are held all year long to help the students not only raise the money needed, but to teach them how to save and budget for long term goals. Students will also learn how to apply and receive a passport for their travel! They work together to make sure all goals are met. Each experience allows students to become closer to their community, find support for their goals and helps prepare them for college.

Cultural Exploration

Students combine learning with travel in a cultural exploration program, offering a great opportunity to get in touch with the local culture.

Language Immersion

The most commonly taught languages in high school are French and Spanish. We help expand their vocabulary and local culture knowledge by traveling overseas in the country of origin.

Service Learning

Unlike other volunteering programs where you go to a country or community in need to put their skills to good use, in a service learning program, students will develop skills by connecting what they’ve learned from books with real-life experiences.

Adventure Travel

In an increasingly connected and global world, adventure travel allows students to take the leap and step out of their comfort zone. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy activities like river rafting or Scuba diving, while first-timers can opt for low-intensity hikes and snorkeling. Either way students are given the chance to try something new.


 How you can Help!

Honey Bucket’s Travel Club has one main goal, to bring the world to our students by offering educational travel opportunities. Travel helps students learn about new cultures, gain new skills, and become much more aware of the world around them. We have one teacher chaperone for each 5 or 6 students (depending on the trip). This ensures we keep a close eye on students. We also use tour operators who are well established in the business. We typically plan our trips in August/September. The world is waiting for our students, where will they go? What will they learn? And did you help?

All throughout the year students are fundraising to achieve their financial goals. We help by reaching out and informing the community of what they are trying to accomplish. Each student has a fundraising of goal of $4000; covers flights, hotels, land & water transportation, tours, food & drinks, and insurance for the trip.

  • Interested in donating please select the button below, anything helps! You have choices ranging from a little to even sponsoring a student!

  • Volunteer! We are always looking for parent chaperones, if interested please submit your information below.

  • Want more information and stay up to date on the trips ahead. Just let us know and we would be happy to include you in our tracking system. Send you monthly updates of the students accomplishments and trip commencement.


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Our Participating Schools for 2020

Burke High School

Goose Creek High School

North Charleston High School

ANY student who is enrolled in a participating school at the time of travel is welcome to join! Each school does have differing requirements. But keep in mind any student with a record of good behavior can experience the world—no special classes required.

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Honey Bucket’s Travel Club is a non profit organization. All proceeds collected go towards funding the Student Travel Club. All donations are tax deductible.